“Because we are all different, I wanted an apparel line that celebrated the versatility of ethnic hair. ” – Angie Stanback

About Asista Designs

Right around 2009, I began to notice many people wearing T-Shirts; they were dressing them up  and down. Though,  I have worn my hair natural since around 2002,  the year 2009 is when I began to notice the influx of natural hair styles and natural hair inspired tshirts.

So, in 2010, an idea came to mind about a tshirt design; one I had not seen before. I discussed it with my mom, and though it was a clever idea, I wasn’t sure of what to do with it.  So, i waited. I waited for 2 years to be exact.  Fast forward to 2015, my mom  has since passed away, but one of the things she told me was to get my design out for people to see. I did more research and still, this design was not presently being done by anyone else. This is how my “How Do You Rock Your Natural” word search came to be. I have designed other shirts since, but this is the design that started it all.

When coming up with a business name, I wanted something that would truly fit me and my brand.  I thought long and hard and decided on something that had been a part of me since 1995.
We as black women call ourselves Sistas. I have proudly carried this name since 1995, so it was only right to make it a part of my business name “Asista Designs”.